Briant Sarris

Briant Sarris is a certified level one HAN Yoga instructor. Briant took her first yoga class in 2005 when a friend suggested she try it to help with stress and anxiety. At first, she was pretty skeptical; however, somewhere during that very first class, she suddenly realized that all of her nervous energy had been channeled into simply holding onto the posture and focusing on the breath. Her mind had suddenly quieted in a way she hadn’t thought possible. It was a powerful release from a chronic life-long mental burden, and she knew her life would never be the same.

Briant quickly fell in love with the practice and is now a self-described yoga addict. She uses yoga as a moving meditation to help overcome the emotional difficulties and stress of everyday life. She loves the physical challenge of the practice and constantly strives to learn and grow as a student. All students are welcome in her classes. She will make sure that beginners get the guidance they need to enjoy the practice from day one, while providing extra challenges for those who wish to push their practice to the next level. Most of all, she wishes to help others who seek relief from any mental or emotional challenges to discover the powerful release Yoga can provide. Please come in and join her in the journey!

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