Jennifer Tsai

Jennifer Tsai is a certified HAN Yoga Instructor. She has practiced with Jonathan Han, for over five years. She enrolled in the Teacher Training Classes with Jonathan Han two years back and continues to practice the HAN style yoga so as to help other become healthier both physically and mentally.

Through yoga, she has changed her body not only physically, but also healed her from arthritis and migraine. HAN yoga proved to be therapeutic as she became healthier, more confident, and grew to gain a more positive outlook in life. Jennifer’s motto is “Your body moves where your mind reaches out.” When this happens and you believe in yourself, your energy is uplifted. Practicing yoga brings together your body, mind and soul in one piece.

Whether you are practicing yoga for the first time or have been practicing for years, Jennifer welcomes all students in her class. At each class, there is a focus on meditation, breathing, concentration, stretches, and yoga flows. As you rejuvenate in class, you ease up on tension and relieve yourself of stress. Jennifer offers a different variety of modified postures to help you enhance your flexibility and muscle strength. Jennifer welcomes you as well as any friends and family to her class because she enjoys the practice of HAN yoga and shares with you the many benefits that yoga can do for you.

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